Square Feet 1,000-5,000

Browse commercial properties from 1,000 SF to 5,000 SF in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. Contact Colebrook Realty Services with any questions about a specific commercial listing or if you'd like to schedule a tour. Register with our site to save your favorite commercial properties and we'll send you email notifications as similar listings come to market. Commercial properties ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 square feet strike a balance between versatility and space, making them suitable for a wide array of businesses. These mid-sized properties are often found in vibrant business districts and retail centers, offering ample room for small to medium-sized companies, boutiques, restaurants, and professional offices. With enough square footage to accommodate essential operations and customer engagement, they provide room for growth and customization while remaining manageable in terms of maintenance and cost. These properties are prized for their potential to cater to diverse business needs, making them a smart choice for entrepreneurs looking to expand their presence and services.

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